Behind the tour company

We are no more interesting than you.

Matthew Latkiewicz

records and edits the tour audio, designs and front-ends the web site. He also writes about drinking for Grub Street, and runs The You Will Not Believe ideas.

Jay Boice

builds and whispers to databases and stacks ruby code. He is a principal software engineer at AOL/Huffington Post.


This site was built on a Mac computer, using Coda and Pixelmator. The fonts are supplied through Typekit. Underneath the hood, we are running on the Sinatra framework.

Special tips of the hat go to the entire A Book Apart series, specifically books 1 through 5, each of which have made a significant impact on decisions we made while building this site. FOR INSTANCE: change the size of your browser, or load this puppy up on your mobile Internet device. Pretty sweet, huh?